Your Debt Recovery Lawyers 

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Our understanding of the entire debt recovery process and procedures allows us to close unpaid debt successfully. 

Our experience and services include preparing and issuing the initial letter of demand to conducting court proceedings. We are also experienced in insolvency cases, working with liquidators and bankruptcy.

Business debt adversely impacts the cash flow of your business operations. As a commercial law firm, our goal is to eliminate all owed debts to your business and improve your cash flow by helping you focus on operational priorities.

Our commitment to you is to close all unpaid accounts by preparing letters of demand, enforcing orders and providing litigation services. 

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The TY Lawyers Letter Of Demand Service

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Our experienced team uses enforcement methods to obtain the debt owed to you. The first of which is a low-cost Letter of Demand Service. In our experience, a well-drafted letter of demand prepared and set by a lawyer can resolve debt in most cases.

We have a high success rate, with over 80% of debtors respond to this letter.

If a debtor fails to respond to a letter of demand or responds but refuses to pay, and if we have exhausted all options, we then commence formal debt recovery by utilising the appropriate legalproceedings or judgements against the debtor.

Is Your Business In Financial Difficulty?

When a business is in financial difficulty, what is the most influential factor in an insolvency case? Time.

Every insolvency case is different, but what they all have in common is that many time-sensitive deadlines. Failure to respond timely to an insolvency case could potentially lead to losing your possessions and losing the ability to protect your interests.

As your company nears insolvency, bankruptcy is not the only outcome if you act quickly. Our commercial litigation lawyers will provide you with legal advice and alternative strategies for the best solution for you.

Why Small Business Legal Protection Matters?

We understand that running a small business can mean that you are wearing many hats. Our team of professionals at TY Lawyers can add value to your business by reviewing your contracts and agreements and ensure that your terms are clear and your processes reliable. We work as your business legal advisor to provide you with the best legal protection for your business. (Link to small business legal protection)

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