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What is the Difference between a Joint Tenant and a Tenant in Common?

Ever heard of a ‘Joint Tenant’ or a ‘Tenant in Common’? You might be wondering what they actually mean and how they differ from one another. Although they sound similar, the terms Joint Tenant and Tenant in Common are two different concepts.

Both terms directly relate to two or more people and their ownership of land or a building. However there are several differences between these two terms which we will discuss. These terms are really important to understand if you are considering going into part-ownership with another person for a commercial or residential property.

Recovering Debt with a Letter of Demand

Running a business would be bliss if everything ran like clockwork with happy employees, fulfilling work and clients who paid on time every time. However, in reality, this may not be true all of the time. 

Is Starting A Small Business A Your New Year's Resolution?

If you have been reading the news, a wave starting in the USA will soon hit our shores, the wave called The Great Resignation. Millions of people worldwide voluntarily call time out on their jobs, a hangover from the pandemic. Many are downsizing their careers for a fuller work-life balance or choosing to work for themselves instead. 

Overcoming the ‘Legalese’ Language Barrier

According to the Cambridge dictionary, legalese is a language used by lawyers and legal documents that is difficult for ordinary people to understand. 'Legalese' is filled with legal terminology and academic words, phrasing and terms best for completing court documentation or filing official legal letters primarily read by other legal professionals.  

How Lawyers Assist You Negotiate a Commercial Lease

It’s been a tough year for retail in Sydney. With the pandemic restrictions and lockdown, many retailers, big and small, have had to close their doors. Many landlords have been lenient with rent; others have added an extra year to leases if tenants are unable to pay rent during the pandemic years of 2020-2021. One thing is certain; the retail landscape has forever changed.

Restructuring Your Investment Property Before 31 December

A couple of years ago, our director and solicitor, Ivan Hung, was enjoying a family holiday on a cruise ship for Christmas. Sailing away from Sydney, with only a satellite for internet connection, it was a blissful time to revive, rejuvenate and reconnect with family. The serenity changed when he received an urgent phone call from a client who realised that he had two days to avoid paying more than $10K in land tax for a home he resides in but purchased through a family trust.

Why Hire a Conveyancing Property Lawyer?

Congratulations on purchasing your new home! After spending countless weekends going to open houses and participating in auctions, you’ve made the successful bid and settlement can begin.

5 Legal Tips to Protect Your Business

Are you scaling your business from being your side hustle to your primary source of income?

If you are one of the many entrepreneurs who started a side hustle during the pandemic to see it become your main source of income, then there are a few legal essentials that can help protect your growing business.

What does a conveyancer do?

If you have ever bought or sold a property, you will know that the process can sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful with a number of legal matters to think about as well. Fortunately, when it comes to property conveyancing, we can help. 

What is commercial litigation?

Commercial litigation is a complex area of the law and is a process that is often necessary when business disputes cannot be settled through negotiations alone. So, what kind of disputes can a commercial litigator resolve?

First Home Owners Grant

Getting into the property market can be a difficult task, especially with rising property prices. Rising property prices over the past decade have made it increasingly more difficult for first home buyers to get a foot in the door, when it comes to the property market.

What is Due Diligence?

Often when there is a transaction under process, due diligence in Australia refers to the process of ethically and adequately completing the transaction.

Essential Steps to Starting a Small Business

Do you have a business idea you want to bring to life by opening up your own small business? Starting a business will test your abilities, initiatives, strengths and weaknesses, problem-solving skills and capacity to work.

What is a Business Structure

Deciding on a business structure is one of the key decisions you will have to make when opening up a new business. The structure of a business depends on the size, type of business and growth. 

What is Business Debt Recovery?

Are you sick of chasing unpaid debts? Most businesses have been here and it can be very frustrating chasing down accounts who haven’t paid on time. Especially since your business’s cash flow and profitability may suffer.

What is defamation?

Under Australian law, both individuals and businesses are protected from defamatory comments; both written and verbal defamation. If a comment about a person or entity is seen to sabotage their reputation in the eyes of the public, then it is seen as defamatory. 

If Meditation Fails, What Next? Court?

Mediation is a beneficial process that two parties, either commercial or civil enter to attempt to resolve a disputed issue, without involving legal proceedings. The process involves a third-party mediator who will help both parties and their attorneys come to a resolution.

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