Legal Things To Consider As A Business, In 2023

Legal Things To Consider As A Business, In 2023

Knowing where you business stands when considering factors in business and how you will run your business, is vitally important.

Before you open your doors literally or digitally, you as a business owner should be fully aware of all your duties and obligations to clients, customers, staff and any other external stakeholder.

It’s a good idea to obtain small business legal advice in Chatswood on anything you feel you need further understanding or clarification on.

TY Lawyers in Chatswood are small business and commercial lawyers who can assist with your small business enquiry, no matter how big or small your concern is.

Let’s take a look at some of the basics you should be across when running, or planning to run a business in Australia.

Legal Essentials You Should Be Across In 2023

This is not an exhaustive list, but is designed to get you thinking.

Some of these points may not be applicable to your industry or business type, and some may be.

As mentioned, if any of these points are of concern to you and how your business runs, get in touch with our friendly team of small business lawyers in Chatswood who can advise you, so you can get on with doing what you do best!

  • Cyber security

This refers to ensuring that your website and all data it contains or gathers, is protected against cyber threats. If you’re running an online store, this is extremely important – people want to feel safe when performing online transactions as well as entering in personal or sensitive information.

  • Fair trading and the relevant laws

This involves businesses trading in a fair environment and ensuring consumers know their rights and responsibilities when dealing with your business.

  • Consumer data right

Consumers need to know that their personal information is not going to be shared with a third party. Consumer data right refers to the framework and legislation that has been put in place by the Australian Government outlining how information is allowed to be shared between service providers.

  • Notifiable data breach

This is when personal information has been accessed and/or disclosed without permission through a data breach.

  • Consumer guarantees

Products and services should be safe and without fault, this is a customer guarantee which is an automatic right of a consumer.

  • Privacy laws

All businesses should be across privacy laws and how to operate legally within these frameworks.

  • Online payments

The evolution of online payments and keeping data safe and secure, along with ensuring your website store has up to date encryption and safety measures for customers.

  • Business and employee contracts

This includes contractors and how you’re allowed to treat them along with reasonable expectations.

  • Corporate and regulatory compliance

Depending on what industry you operate in, this can be very important.

  • Accurate and up to date record keeping

This includes financial record keeping.

  • The digital business world

How to operate ethically, morally and legally within the digital business world.

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