Why Does Commercial Litigation Take So Long?

Why Does Commercial Litigation Take So Long?

Generally when thinking about litigation cases, especially commercial or business related litigation cases, usually people have the thought that it can take a long time to come to a resolution, conclusion or judgment.

This is quite true in many instances.

For a case to actually go to court in the first place, it takes quite a few steps in the legal process first – it’s never just ‘straight to the court room’ with your litigation case, there are various other avenues that need to be explored and exhausted first.

So once a litigation case has gone through other forms of attempting to find a resolution, namely mediation, settlement and other forms of negotiation, it means these other forms of dispute resolution have failed and the case is now going to court formally, where a judge will rule on the final outcome.

Finding yourself or your business in this position can be quite daunting especially if you’re not used to the legal process or you’ve never been to court.

Engaging an experienced litigation lawyer or commercial litigation lawyer in Chatswood is very important, especially if you want to put yourself in the best position for winning the case and assisting with a swift resolution. Not knowing what you’re doing if you have no representation, means things will slow down as you fumble your way through the process.

TY Lawyers in Chatswood are well versed in the areas of commerce and business law and have a team of litigation lawyers along with commercial litigation lawyers who can assist you with your case, with a full understanding of all the preparation, paperwork and everything that is required in the court process.

So when considering a commercial lawsuit, why can these cases take so long?

Top Reasons Commercial Litigation Takes So Long

  • It takes time to gather evidence, sift through paperwork and conduct investigation
  • The other party’s willingness to participate or cooperate could affect timings
  • Complex cases may take much longer if there are multiple parties involved
  • The Court may not be able to offer a hearing sooner so you could be limited by availability
  • If key information is missed or critical arguments are overlooked, the timing of the case could also be negatively affected

Having an understanding of some of these factors puts you, as the client, in a better position to reduce the risk of any delays.

Tips When Engaging A Commercial Litigation Lawyer In Chatswood

  • Ensure you are upfront and honest with your litigation lawyer at all times. Disclose all relevant and vital information so the full picture can be understood and your commercial litigation lawyer in Chatswood isn’t blindsided by information from other parties which hasn’t been disclosed.
  • Don’t rush your litigation lawyer in Chatswood. Rushing through important information means something can be missed which may need to be revisited later.
  • Be available to answer questions and be open and honest.
  • Help your commercial litigation lawyer in Chatswood to understand the problem deeply from the outset.

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