Why Writing A Will With A Legal Professional Is Important

Why Writing A Will With A Legal Professional Is Important

Writing a Will is one of the most important tasks you should do as an adult, especially as you start to acquire wealth and if you have children.

Not only is a Will a legal transfer of assets, it is an assurance that your loved ones will be protected in the event that you pass away.

Engaging an experienced will or estate lawyer, like TY Lawyers Chatswood, can take the headache out of writing a Will and any estate planning.

No one wants to think about things like passing away, but each person needs to take the emotion out of the equation so it can be thought about and planned logically, whilst taking all assets and children into account, and what the person writing the Will actually wants.

Today we’re going to discover some of the important reasons why you should choose a will and estate lawyer in Chatswood to write up your Will.

Reasons To Choose A Will and Estate Lawyer In Chatswood To Draft Your Will

Having someone external writing your Will helps you to be less emotional and more logical in your decisions when writing the Will.

Once it’s all done, it’s out of the way too!

It also helps having that person there writing the Will, to bounce off ideas and get advice from who is external from your personal situation.

Apart from these important reasons, having a will and estate lawyer in Chatswood to write your Will ensures:

  • There is no incorrect signing of the will
  • There is no use of ambiguous terms that may not be fully understood in terms of their full meaning to the person who’s Will it is
  • Estate planning is covered in detail
  • The will is recognised in court as everything is covered legally
  • There is no paying of unnecessary taxes

Keep in mind, there is no legal requirement that a lawyer draft your Will. However, getting it right so that the court recognizes your Will and everything that you wish, is the most important factor.

What Is Estate Planning?

Although writing a Will can include estate planning, it doesn’t always.

Estates consist of all your assets and property, everything you own, along with a formal plan for the estate when you pass away.

Estate planning takes your Will one step further by including a collection of other important documents and roles to help deal with your assets if you were to lose capacity to make decisions, just as an example. 

Important Roles In Wills & Estates

Some of these include:

  • Executor of the estate
  • Power of attorney
  • Enduring guardian
  • Advanced care directive

See more on these roles, here, in our article on roles in wills and estates.

Next Steps For Your Will

The first step in wills and estate planning is to have your will written by a will and estate lawyer in Chatswood. That way, you give yourself the best chance to take care of your loved ones. Consider TY Lawyers in Chatswood in your will and estate planning. 

To discuss wills and estates further, you can call TY Lawyers in Chatswood for a private discussion. We’re here to help. Call: 02 8007 0135 today.

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