Notary Public Chatswood Lawyers

Notary Public Chatswood Lawyers

Notary Services are important as institutions rely on notaries so they can have complete faith in the documents they are witnessing and that they are genuine. 

A notary public, like TY Lawyers Chatswood, exists to prevent fraud and protect people’s identities and belongings. 

They perform many important duties with important documents: 

  • authenticates a person’s identity when signing a document
  • verifies the authenticity of a document
  • witnesses a person signing a document
  • certifies true copies of documents
  • verifies documents to be used abroad 

A notary public could be used locally or internationally. If you’re heading overseas and need certain documents witnessed, signed and authenticated for various reasons, a notary public is who you can call upon. Or locally, you could require someone to witness your signature for business purposes. 

TY Lawyers in Chatswood specialises in all types both domestically and internationally: personal documentation, corporate and business transactions and international authentication. 

The Assurances Of Notarisation 

Notarisation serves three purposes for assuring your documents are genuine: 

  1. The person signing a document is who they say they are
  2. The person signing the document is signing it of their own free will
  3. The transaction can be verified afterward 

Examples of Common Notary Documents 

  • Power of Attorney
  • A Will
  • Corporate Documents
  • Contracts for certain types of purchases
  • An education certificate to be recognised internationally
  • Travel authorisation for children
  • Contracts and documents relating to overseas property
  • Affidavits and declarations

How A Justice Of The Peace Differs To A Notary Public

JP’s can authenticate documents intended for use within Australia.

A JP can assist you with things like verifying and witnessing:

  • statutory declarations
  • an affidavit (a written statement used for court proceedings)
  • signatures

A JP also certifies copies of original documents, predominantly personal identification.

More recently, the NSW government has now allowed NSW based JP’s to witness the execution of documents to be used interstate.

Your Notary Appointment 

Be prepared for your notary appointment. Bring the following along with you: 

  1. The document you would like to notarise
  2. 2 forms of valid photo ID. Preferred ID includes passport and drivers’ licence
  3. Any other individuals and their ID, who will be signing the document
  4. Payment for notary service 

International Documents in Foreign Languages

When considering notarisation of international documents in foreign languages, the person signing the document in the foreign language needs to fully understand the meaning of everything within the document and agree to it first prior to proceeding.

Also, if the notary cannot understand the foreign language of the document, an English translation will usually need to be provided.

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