How Lawyers Can Help Startups

How Lawyers Can Help Startups

You may be considering taking the plunge with a great business idea you’ve been toying with.

Perhaps it’s been a lifelong dream or maybe you’ve come up with a brilliant idea recently that serves a gap in the market somewhere.

Either way when it comes to a start up business, it’s important to consider any legal implications before making any concrete decisions or spending a lot of money.

A commercial law firm like TY Lawyers in Chatswood can assist with commercial legal questions, advice and official paperwork like contracts.

Today we’re going to outline some of the reasons a commercial lawyer in Chatswood would be able to assist you with your startup business or idea.

How Does A Commercial Lawyer Help Startups?

When you have a startup idea or business, you may not require the services of a lawyer in Chatswood straight away. It could be something that you need a little later on, down the track.

It depends what type of market you’re planning to enter into.

In a general context, a commercial lawyer in Chatswood can assist a startup in these areas:

  • Business formation and establishing your business as a legal entity
  • Intellectual property and trade marks

This become very important if you have a unique idea or way of doing something and you don’t want it copied. Having your intellectual property protected along with trade marking and copyrighting puts you in a position of protection. You can speak further with a commercial law firm in Chatswood, such as TY Lawyers as each IP enquiry is unique and requires individualized advice.

  • Creating investors contracts to assist with securing funding for the business cause

If you need some cash flow in order to get your business off the ground in any way you may find yourself in need of investors. This means they will need to fully understand your vision, your product/service/idea, and how you plan to sell/market it.

A clear business plan will help in communicating these points. Once you’ve secured investors, you’ll need contracts to solidify the deal and the terms of the investment – that’s where your commercial lawyer in Chatswood comes in.

  • Drafting documents for the business to use with customers or clients
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Ensuring corporate compliance, if applicable

Examples Of Startup Businesses That May Require A Commercial Lawyer Chatswood

If you’re not sure if you need a commercial lawyer in Chatswood for your startup, you can always simply ask. TY Lawyers are here to help and will be happy to answer any questions or queries you might have.

To give you an idea, here are some examples of types of businesses that could require the services of a commercial lawyer in Chatswood:

  • Businesses that need capital or investment for product tooling or innovation, renovation to a premises, building or infrastructure expenses, capital equipment required or other startup related expenses
  • If you’re entering into a highly regulated market where corporate compliance is very important, for example: agriculture or farming, health or self care products with product claims or providing loans or credit to people

TY Lawyers Commercial Lawyers Chatswood

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If you have an enquiry regarding your business even if it’s not a startup, get in touch today! We help all kinds of businesses with all their legal requirements.

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