Do You Need Approval To Undertake Renovations In A Strata Property?

Do You Need Approval To Undertake Renovations In A Strata Property?

Is your property part of a strata arrangement?

Even if you own your own home, if your property is part of a strata complex, for a lot of renovation projects within your home you will still need to seek permission from the body corporate or the owner’s corporation.

Property lawyers such as TY Lawyers in Chatswood can help and guide you if you need further advice around this topic and what rules do and do not apply. Likewise, TY Lawyers Chatswood can assist if there’s a dispute around strata by-laws or other owner’s not abiding by the owner’s corporation rules.

Today we’ve got a simple, but not exhaustive, list of renovations that you may choose to do in your home and further information on whether or not you need to seek approval to undertake these renovations in your home within the strata complex.

Types Of Properties Managed Under Strata

First, it’s important to understand what types of properties fall under a strata agreement or strata management scheme.

A strata building is one that has been divided into separate lots and includes properties like:

  • Townhouses
  • Units
  • Villas

Which also have common spaces that all owners or residents can use, for example, such as driveways, gardens, lifts and pools.

Along with helping people understand more about renovations in strata properties, TY Lawyers are also experienced property and conveyancing lawyers who can help you if you’re in the market to purchase or sell a property a property within a strata arrangement.

What Type Of Renovations Can You Do Without Permission

Under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, owners can carry out cosmetic work around their property, without the need to seek approval or consent from the owner’s corporation.

For example, things like:

  • Painting
  • Replacing or installing carpet
  • Installing and/or replacing blinds and curtains, hooks or screws on walls to hang pictures and wardrobes

Renovations That Require Approval

Some of the minor renovations that require owner’s corporation approval prior to proceeding include:

  • Moving or reconfiguring walls
  • Installing or replacing hard floors of any type
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Changing recessed light fittings such as downlights

If you have any issues with gaining approval doing these works around your place and you require the assistance of a lawyer in Chatswood, consider TY Lawyers Chatswood as the team are experienced and professional property and conveyancing lawyers in Chatswood.

Other Renovations

Other more complex renovations that need to be authorized by a ‘by-law’ include:

  • Building structural changes
  • Waterproofing work
  • Changes to the external look of an individual lot within the strata complex

Generally the reason for these strict guidelines is to ensure safety and the structural soundness of the property isn’t compromised and also to keep the building itself looking uniform and presentable.

Ways TY Lawyers Chatswood Can Help You

TY Lawyers are property and conveyancing lawyers in Chatswood.

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