What Can I Do If Someone Is Suing My Company

What Can I Do If Someone Is Suing My Company

Being sued is definitely not something that any business owner or company director wants to face. But unfortunately it can, and sometimes does, happen.

Facing a lawsuit is normally not something people generally like to focus on, but when you’re operating a business or a company in the commercial arena, there is a certain level of everyday knowledge that can be helpful for you to have, almost like a just in case scenario.

It can be helpful for you to know what your potential options would be and if at all possible, some contacts that you could call upon in the commercial litigation world, who could be trusted advisories if something was ever to happen.

If a legal situation arises in the future, it always helps to have full knowledge of where you stand legally. That’s where an experienced commercial litigation lawyer such as TY Lawyers in Chatswood can assist you with potential resolutions and next steps to move forward.

At this point it’s also advisable not to contact the other party who is suing you directly.

Today we’re going to have a look at some of the things you can and should consider doing if you’re faced with a commercial lawsuit, whatever it might be.

  1. Get in touch with a commercial litigation business lawyer

If you’ve been slapped with a lawsuit, some of the normal human response feelings can be things like feeling overwhelmed, upset or disappointed.

But it’s important not to let your emotions become all-consuming and utilise this time to help keep your business running smoothly and the reputation of the business, intact.

So in order to put yourself in the best position to handle the case, look at engaging a commercial litigation lawyer as a first step. That way, they can accurately read and interpret all the paperwork for you and advise accordingly.

Knowing and understanding exactly what is going on puts you in a good position to make educated decisions and to refrain from acting out of emotion.

Your commercial litigation lawyer in Chatswood will discuss various options on how to handle the case and if it’s an option to try and settle out of court - as going to court can take time, energy, focus and finance, taking you away from your business operations.

Commercial lawsuits can be filed by different stakeholders in relation to the business – employees, other companies, clients, shareholders to name a few.

  1. Decide how to proceed and respond to the case

Once your commercial litigation lawyer has reviewed the case in detail, he or she will advise you on ways of moving forward.

The case should have been clearly explained at this point, with you understanding the nature of the of the claims against you and the potential liability.

Although your commercial litigation lawyer in Chatswood will provide you with a professional assessment and recommendation according to your circumstances and unique situation, you are ultimately the one who will need to decide on how to proceed and respond to the case.

Before making any decisions, any potential costs at each stage of the litigation process should be clearly outlined for you.

Remember that all litigation cases don’t go to court, in fact most don’t get that far!

There could be an array of potential exit strategies and settlement options which should be reviewed and considered. 

TY Lawyers in Chatswood are commercial litigation experts.

  1. Advice for during the case, if you go to court
  • Be prompt, on time and focused
  • Always be completely honest and don’t try to cover things up, it will only make things harder for your litigation lawyer in Chatswood, when building your case
  • Try not to lose sight of your business and keeping it running during this stressful process
  • Be available for any questions or queries that your commercial litigation lawyer in Chatswood might have, so things don’t slow down 

As in all legal situations, you should obtain personalised legal advice pertaining to your individual circumstance by consulting with an experienced commercial litigation lawyer or a litigation lawyer, like TY Lawyers Chatswood.

Note: It’s important to note that your business structure could affect whether you are personally liable in a commercial lawsuit.  For example, in a business or partnership set up, you can be personally sued, but a director of a company cannot be personally sued in a legal case to do with the respective company. There are other exceptions to this rule, but this is the general rule of thumb.

If you’re in a situation where you’re company is facing a lawsuit, be on the front foot and be prepared. Contact TY Lawyers for a confidential discussion about your lawsuit challenges. 

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