Interview With Ivan Hung, Solicitor & Director At TY Lawyers Chatswood

Interview With Ivan Hung, Solicitor & Director At TY Lawyers Chatswood

TY Lawyers Chatswood are a team of professionals with expertise ranging from legal services to property, commercial lease, commercial litigation, debt recovery, wills and estate and notary services. 

Established in 2014, TY Lawyers has grown into a property and commercial law firm for individual investors and small to medium sized business owners. At TY, we form strong partnerships with our clients built on honesty, accessibility, professionalism, and trust. Your success is our success! 

This week, we go behind the scenes and sit down to chat with one of TY’s key leadership team members and a company director, Ivan Hung. 

We picked his brain this week to find out some of the great things about TY Lawyers and some of the reasons he loves working at TY Lawyers Chatswood. 

Let’s dive in! 

Qu. How long has TY Lawyers been established? 

TY Lawyers was established in 2014. 

Qu. What do you enjoy about being a lawyer? What made you follow this career path? 

I have always enjoyed helping people. As a lawyer, I see a lot of people who need help, who can be quite vulnerable and need help to navigate through complicated legal processes, whether it be simply buying or selling a property or getting through a complex litigation case. 

As a lawyer I feel that I can at least alleviate some of people’s problems off of them. I’ve found that even just listening to people can help them feel better. 

Qu. Why did you start your own law firm? 

I worked loyally with a key mentor of mine for around 8 years until she finally retired. It was then that I was forced to reassess – do I find another job in another law firm, or do I go out on my own? 

I decided to go out on my own as I felt that I wanted to have more control over how I care for and look after the clients as opposed to learning someone else’s way of doing things. 

Qu. What are some of the key business values TY Lawyers stands by and demonstrates in how they deal with clients? 

Listening to clients and simplifying complex legal concepts. At TY Lawyers we are approachable and we treat all clients with respect and care.

Qu. What’s a normal day for you look like, working as a lawyer? 

A lot of my day involves listening to clients, analysing problems and coming up with solutions to all kinds of different legal concerns and cases. 

No two days are the same, every person is individual and every legal case is unique. 

Qu. What is one of TY’s key strengths? 

Having a caring and human element to our service offering at TY Lawyers, we have empathy for our clients and their legal concerns, we’re not just a business looking to obtain more clients, we care about each and every individual client that comes in under our legal services. 

Qu. Name one of the biggest misconceptions about working as lawyer or the legal industry and why is it a misconception? 

That commercial law firm jobs are exactly like how they portray in the movies, think ‘Law & Order’, ‘Suits’ and the like! They are hollywood versions of lawyer roles which don’t give a good depiction of what it is to be a lawyer. 

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Ivan’s heritage is Chinese and he is more than happy to assist both Chinese and English speaking clients in Chatswood and surrounds.

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