How Our Property Lawyers Can Assist With Property Developments

How Our Property Lawyers Can Assist With Property Developments

When it comes to property, it’s not just sales contracts to assist with selling property that’s important.

There are many other things that property lawyers in Chatswood can assist you with, to ensure a smooth process for you, especially when it comes to property developments.

Today we are going take a look at some of the things you can get assistance with from our lawyers in Chatswood.

Let’s dive in.

Property Lawyers In Chatswood – Our Experience With Property Developments

TY Lawyers represents purchasers, investors and developers in a wide range of property development works, including:

  • Rural Land Acquisition

Purchasing rural land is a very different ball game in comparison to urban property ownership and city dwelling. The questions that need to be asked and the factors that need to be identified prior to proceeding can be sometimes overlooked by keen purchasers.

TY Lawyers can assist with the entire conveyancing process with the purchase of rural land but can also decipher the sales contract and help you find out important information about the rural property, such as:

  • Is the running water safe to drink?
  • Does the property have a septic system?
  • Are the surrounding roads private?
  • The property’s boundary lines in respect to neighbouring properties
  • Deed restrictions and zoning
  • Development Approvals

TY Lawyers can assist you with important preparation to assist you with your development application and keeping compliant with local DA and council laws, to help assist a fast application and approval process.

Our role also includes advising and representing clients in development approvals or disputes.

  • Acquisition on Development Sites

This refers to the purchase of land in order to develop it, for example, a block of land and building duplexes, or a block of units.

There are many considerations with this which include zoning, GST, any potential easements, any existing DA’s attached to the land and land size confirmation.

These things along with any special considerations can be discussed further with and advised upon by your property lawyer in Chatswood.

  • Presale of Mixed-use Residential and Commercial Projects

Some of the areas our property lawyers in Chatswood can assist include preparation of presale contracts, completing land division documentation and intensive conveyancing.

  • Negotiation of Presale Rescissions and Project on Sale 

  • Negotiation and Advice on Construction Loans

  • Debt Restructuring Advice

Commercial Lease Lawyer Chatswood

TY team of Property Lawyers in Chatswood can assist with all your commercial lease requirements including: drafting and tailoring commercial leases, preparing site specific leases for commercial offices or industrial sites, varying leases and termination of leases.

Get in touch with our property lawyers in Chatswood today so we can partner with you on your next property development project.

TY Lawyers can assist you with all your property and conveyancing requirements.

Our team will be with you every step of the way.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and one of our experienced property lawyers in Chatswood will be able to assist you.

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