How To Avoid Property Disputes

How To Avoid Property Disputes

It’s an exciting time – moving into a new property!

New suburb, new feeling, new house! There are so many new possibilities and things to look forward to when you’re moving.

You may have already done all your property paperwork through your conveyancing lawyer in Chatswood and be ready to get all the packing done, or you may still be at consideration stage, especially if there’s two or more properties you’ve shortlisted.

One of the factors that is also important when moving, is who your future neighbours are and what they are like. We all want to live harmoniously and happily wherever we are, so who your new neighbours are can be a huge deciding factor when working out if this is the house for you.

Other Key Considerations When Moving

To ensure you are helping to keep the peace, ensure you keep some of these things in mind when in the process of buying or developing a property.

  1. Conduct a title search before purchasing

Obtaining and understanding title search documents means you are across all the ins and outs of a property before you buy it. You want it to be all clear.

On the title search you’ll be able to see current and past owners, any easements, registered mortgages, caveats or covenants.

You can do a title search yourself although it is something that is part of your conveyancing solicitor in Chatswood’s services.

Let’s be honest, if you do find something conspicuous on there, you’ll want to be able to consult with your conveyancing solicitor about what it means and your next steps.

  1. Double check the Sale Contract

Sale contracts are very important documents and should not contain errors. All dates should match up between transfer of title documents and paperwork.

TY Lawyers in Chatswood are experienced property lawyers who can assist you with all your property legal requirements, including checking the sales contract, when you’re next in the market for a new property, or when you’re selling your current one.

  1. If you plan to build, get all approvals and licenses

Ensure that your plans are all approved by the council before proceeding with any construction work.

Proceeding without formal approval could cause you to receive a fine whilst possibly causing delays on your development plans.

What To Do If You’re In A Property Dispute

It’s always best to try and resolve the problem without legal intervention for numerous reasons – it can take a lot of time, turn out to be expensive to resolve and become a bigger headache than it needed to be.

If you do need assistance with a property dispute, it’s best to try and come to some type of agreement between yourself and the other party to avoid lengthy and costly court battles.

As property lawyers in Chatswood, TY Lawyers have many years of experience in property disputes and have an excellent success rate when it comes to favourable outcomes for clients. So if you’re dispute cannot be solved, considering hiring a property lawyer like TY Lawyers Chatswood.

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