How Starting A Business In 2023 Has Evolved Over The Years

How Starting A Business In 2023 Has Evolved Over The Years

Setting up shop these days is a whole lot more involved and different to what it looked like 10 – 20 years ago!

What used to work may not work as well anymore, given the change in how businesses now operate and how consumers act - the entire business landscape has evolved exponentially.

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Let’s take a look at some of the interesting factors which have changed the way starting and running a business has evolved in 2023.

Some Notable Trends

  • A move from small and local businesses for everyday items to a more centralized offering, for example, general supermarkets only used to sell groceries however these days, in almost all Woolworths and Coles store they now offer specialty butchers, delis, fruits and vegetables along with onsite bakeries. An interesting note on this, is there are certain pockets of the population who are going directly opposite to this trend and choosing to cut out the ‘middleman’ and go direct to suppliers, like buying meat from farms and going to fruit markets. This trend is also increasing in smaller pockets of the overall market.
  • Thanks to modern online platforms such as tiktok and youtube, novelty and start up type products can gain instant attraction without the need for a traditional marketing and advertising plan. These products can gain fast momentum if they do what they say they’ll do, are good quality and can get traction by going viral. Sometimes these products can be game changers!
  • A move from using cash to a very high use and adoption rate of paying by credit or mobile payments via touch screen payments and electronic payments along with technologies like apple pay.
  • Widespread adoption and use of the internet and a huge uptick in online stores and sales, especially throughout the height of the pandemic. This online purchasing phenomenon has continued to prove essential to the buying behaviour of modern day consumers.
  • The rise of cryptocurrencies has provided different modes of payment and a more decentralized payment option.
  • The increase in roles which can be done via AI initiatives and modern machinery and equipment.
  • The shift in attitudes towards a centralized workplace and the increase of work from home and flexible modalities. Even with the decreased risk of a virus outbreak, many staff members have continued to work from home or prefer it, forcing companies to re-think the traditionalist way of fronting up to the office every day.
  • There is an increasing trend of businesses looking to outsource expert roles as opposed to hiring full time staff and all the logistics and legalities involved.
  • The shift in consumer attitudes in terms of traditional enquiry methods of picking up the phone to make a call to a business. Businesses now need to deal with multiple social media platforms and the respective enquiries as well as email, website or phone enquiries that come through.
  • Evolution and increase of social media platforms used for marketing purposes and connecting with potential customers and clients which has changed the way businesses now choose to advertise.

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