Appealing A Commercial Lawsuit Case (NSW)

Appealing A Commercial Lawsuit Case (NSW)

If your commercial lawsuit did not go as planned and the verdict was not ruled in your favour, you can consider a few different options:

  • Pursue an appeal, if your case qualifies
  • Accept the decision and move on

We are going to look a little more into appeals and how they work in commercial lawsuits and how TY Lawyers in Chatswood can assist as an experienced commercial law firm for businesses like yours.

The Process & How To Appeal If You Lost Your Case

If you want to appeal a decision that was not ruled in your favour, you can file for an appeal if your case qualifies. That’s not to say it will be automatically overturned, but it’s an avenue you can consider and pursue if you’re unhappy with the verdict.

Your commercial lawyer in Chatswood will be able to determine if you have the right to appeal and can advise you further on the next steps.

If you haven’t already sought the services of a commercial law firm at this point of your case, or are unhappy with the services of your current lawyer, it’s strongly encouraged to engage in the services of a commercial lawyer in Chatswood, like TY Lawyers, in order to follow the appeals process correctly, and to set yourself up for the best chance at success.

When you want to appeal, there is specific paperwork and forms that you will need to fill out and submit first.

You may be required to prepare written submissions, which are an outline of the arguments you wish to present to the Court.

Appeals have a timeframe, generally 28 days, and need to be completed within this designated timeframe otherwise an extension of time must be applied for.

It’s important to note that appealing a final judgment does attract a fee for the appellant, the person who is filing for an appeal, and possibly a daily hearing fee.

Reasons To Appeal

You cannot just appeal a final verdict without a legitimate reason.

A reason to appeal must be valid, for example:

  • The verdict was unreasonable
  • The verdict could not be sustained on the evidence
  • If there was an injustice on any ground
  • A mistake was made in the trial

What Happens If You Lose The Appeal

Winning an appeal is very hard. Hiring an experienced commercial lawyer like TY Lawyers in Chatswood can help improve your odds of winning.

If you lose the appeal, usually the original ruling will stand and will be final, depending on the type of case.

You may be ordered to pay the other party’s legal costs if your appeal is lost.

TY Lawyers Chatswood – Commercial Law Firm Chatswood

If you’ve got a case you’re looking to appeal a judgment, our team of commercial litigation lawyers in Chatswood can assist you on moving forward and preparing.

It is highly recommended you engage a commercial lawyer in Chatswood early on to ensure your best chances of winning.

If you have an enquiry on a commercial litigation matter, get in touch today!

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