A Public Notary Career

A Public Notary Career

One of the additional legal services you can aspire to provide as a lawyer in Australia, is notary services.

Offering notary services broadens your skill set as a lawyer and your potential earnings. You can enhance your resume as a lawyer in Chatswood and help people with their important documents in life.

When you have multiple service offerings as a lawyer in Chatswood, it gives you a way to offer these multiple services to existing clients for their different and evolving needs – no need to refer them to someone else!

In order to become a notary public in Chatswood or any Sydney surrounds, there are strict eligibility requirements – it’s not just any lawyer who can apply to become a notary public.

How To Become A Public Notary in NSW

As mentioned, there is eligibility criteria you will need to satisfy first before becoming a notary public in Chatswood. This includes:

  • You are a solicitor whose name was on the roll for a continuous period of five years as a barrister or solicitor
  • You hold a current Australian practising certificate as a barrister, solicitor or a legal practitioner
  • You have completed an approved Notarial Practice Course

Formal applications and fees are to be sent to the Legal Profession Admission Board at nominated times throughout each calendar year.

The Legal Profession Admission Board administers the appointment of Public Notaries in NSW. There is also a Registrar of Public Notaries that is maintained.

TY Lawyers provide notary services from their Chatswood office and is a very experienced notary public in Chatswood.

What Does A Public Notary Do?

A public notary is an unrelated witness to sign and authenticate important documents.

Some of the types of documents a notary public in Chatswood can sign include:

  • Birth and death certificates
  • Marriage records
  • Deeds
  • Commercial leases
  • Court documents
  • Educational certificates and records

Whatever the reason a client requires notary services, TY Lawyers in Chatswood specialises in all types both domestically and internationally: personal documentation, corporate and business transactions and international authentication. 

Difference Between A Justice Of The Peace (JP) And A Notary Public

It’s important to note that the main difference between a JP and a Notary Public is that a JP cannot witness, sign or authenticate documents which are for use in foreign countries. 

A Notary Public has the ability to witness, sign and authenticate documents that are for national and international purposes. 

So depending on the type of document and where it will be used will determine whether a JP is suitable for witnessing, signing and authenticating, or if a notary public in Chatswood instead is required. 

Importance of JP’s and Notary Public Roles

The main reason for a notary public or JP is to prevent fraud and protect people and their identities and belongings.

Both are very important roles in the domestic and international community.

TY Lawyers Notary Public Chatswood

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