A Commercial Lawyer Career

A Commercial Lawyer Career

So you want to be a lawyer.

Congrats on an amazing career choice!

Not only can you positively impact the lives of people who become your clients, you can climb the corporate ladder within a law firm, start your own law firm and have the potential to earn a very good income.

It’s important to note that there are many types of lawyers and each have their own specialty or focus. Today we are going to focus on a commercial lawyer’s career.

We’re going to discuss some of the key components of a commercial lawyer’s career so you can get a good idea on whether or not it’s something you want to pursue.

TY Lawyers have an excellent team of commercial lawyers in their Chatswood office and also specialise as small business lawyers helping businesses in Chatswood and Sydney surrounds.

A Day In The Life Of A Commercial Lawyer

Watching re-runs of ‘Suits’ isn’t exactly an accurate depiction of what a commercial lawyer does even though it makes for a good Netflix binge.

Although there is a component of the job that does centre around being in a court room, it’s definitely not where you’ll spend the majority of your time as a commercial lawyer!

It’s important to outline that commercial lawyers operate within a division of civil law. They focus on laws and regulations that govern trade, commerce, sales and merchandising.

Overall, a commercial lawyer’s focus is about getting different parties to agree to compromises and resolving disputes.

This involves a great deal of people skills and understanding all types of personalities and complex commercial disagreements.

Analysing problems and formulating solutions is a daily task along with working well in a team and demonstrating leadership and management skills.

A commercial lawyer in Chatswood will also be advising clients on a day to day basis, in order for commercial transactions or disputes to move forward or be agreed upon.

There is a component of paperwork too – it can’t be avoided!

You may be required to draft documents or review them along with advising the client. You will meet with clients and take multiple calls.

Part of becoming a commercial lawyer also involves finding new clients so you need to be able to scope new business and be able to sell your services.

Areas Of Expertise

Some include:

  • Employment law
  • Corporate law
  • Contract law
  • IP law

How To Become A Commercial Lawyer

To become a commercial lawyer you will need to undertake a university bachelor degree which is generally 4 years. This is just the first step. After uni, a Practical Learning Training course needs to be completed and you will need to also apply for a Practicing Certificate.

In order to become a very successful lawyer, you will need practical experience with various kinds of cases, which can take many years once you have employment as a lawyer in Chatswood.

TY Lawyers Commercial Lawyers Chatswood

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