The Role Of A Litigation Lawyer

The Role Of A Litigation Lawyer

Perhaps you’ve wondered what a litigation lawyer or commercial litigation lawyer in Chatswood actually does as part of their day to day jobs. It’s probably not exactly what you expected.

So you’ve watched one or two episodes of Law & Order and you’re wondering if it depicts a true representation of a day in the life of a litigation lawyer.. well frankly, no, not really!

Although courtroom battles, clever questioning and well constructed arguments are certainly a part of a litigation case when one arises, litigation court cases do not make up the entirety of a litigation or commercial litigation lawyer’s role in Chatswood.

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Let’s look further into what a litigation lawyer in Chatswood actually does.

Litigation Lawyer Chatswood

The litigation process does not start with a court case or a trial – this is usually one of the final steps once all other avenues or possibilities are exhausted.


Firstly, in order to successfully represent you, your litigation lawyer in Chatswood will need to fully understand your case, your position, how it came about and the desired outcome.

At this exploratory stage, your litigation lawyer in Chatswood will also seek to uncover weaknesses in the other party’s position or stance and prepare your position.


Preparing your position includes your ‘pleading’.

This is simply specifying and outlining the case in a legal document sometimes referred to as a statement of claim. It includes the issues relating to the case and what will be decided by the court should the case go to trial.


Depending on the complexity of the case, there may be further investigation or research required, witnesses called upon or mediation undertaken before a case can proceed further.


A series of communication and negotiations will commence with the preferred goal being resolving the dispute with an agreeable settlement between the parties, rather than going to trial.

This is usually the best outcome as going to court is expensive and takes up valuable time and energy for everyone involved.


If a settlement cannot be reached or one party is unwilling, then your litigation lawyer in Chatswood will need to prepare for court proceedings. If the case doesn’t go to plan, then the lawyer can sometimes prepare for an appeal.

To summarise, a litigation lawyer’s job is to manage all factors relating to your case; planning, investigation, preparing required legal documents, communication, negotiation, mediation and presenting a convincing legal argument in your favour.

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Chatswood

Similar to the above, a commercial litigation lawyer in Chatswood does all these things, but focuses only on commercial legal litigation cases involving businesses of all sizes.

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Our litigation lawyer team in Chatswood aim to resolve the dispute promptly, with the best possible commercial and economical outcome for you. 

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