Commercial Property, Contract and Leasing Disputes

Commercial Property, Contract and Leasing Disputes

Some of the most common commercial property disputes are leasing disputes and contract disputes, whereby you may find yourself in need of a small business lawyer in Chatswood to help you quickly and efficiently work through the matter.

Long and drawn out commercial property disputes that aren’t quickly resolved can lead to loss of business productivity, time and money.

It is in the interest of both parties to try and come to a resolution or negotiation as quickly as possible.

TY Lawyers are experienced property lawyers in Chatswood and can assist with all aspects of property and commercial law, with the ability to help you to resolve any commercial property disputes that may arise.

Some of the factors that could lead to a commercial, contract or leasing dispute include:

Terms of Lease

There may be a difference of opinion around who can use the property, the time frame of the lease and the frequency of the rent payments. If these concerns cannot be worked through, it can cause a delay in progressing with the lease agreement.

If an agreement isn’t reached, the lease may not proceed at all.

You can get some advice from an experienced small business lawyer, like TY Lawyers in Chatswood to help with negotiations, if required.

Repairing Issues

Although a lease document should clearly state what happens in the event of damage to the commercial property, sometimes it doesn’t cover all possibilities.

Contact a property lawyer or small business lawyer in Chatswood if you need assistance.

Retail Lease Disputes

Lease disputes can occur between landlords and tenants of retail shops. This can centre around multiple types of issues.

NCAT (NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal) are the governing body in NSW who hear and determine retail lease disputes.

Before this can happen, the parties may be required to seek further assistance in the form of mediation.

Applications for a hearing with NCAT usually need to be done within a required timeframe in relation to when the dispute arose.

NCAT can make a wide range of orders in favour of either party, under the Retail Leases Act 1994.

Rent Reviews

Although rent reviews do happen, it doesn’t always go well with the tenant.

The landlord may feel it’s fair to raise the rent for numerous reasons; increased cost of utilities, there’s been no increase for many years, or to keep in line with CPI (consumer price index) increases.

The tenant may feel it’s unfair to raise the rent due to multiple reasons also – cost of living increases, financial hardship or other reasons.

Either way, a rent increase can be a difficult thing to navigate through, whilst keeping both parties happy.

As experienced property lawyers in Chatswood, we can assist you with diplomatically handling discussions and negotiations on rent reviews and any issues that arise as a result of a potential rent review.

Our legal team can provide your firm with expert small business legal advice in Chatswood.

Early Termination of Leases

Sometimes leases need to finish outside the scope of the original lease agreement. A negotiation needs to be made between the landlord and tenant in this case.

TY Lawyers are experienced property lawyers in Chatswood and can assist both landlords and tenants with all aspects of property law, helping you to resolve any commercial property disputes that may arise, including early termination of lease issues.

Bond Dispute

If a property is left damaged when the tenant moves out, a repair fee may be taken from the bond.

This can cause a dispute between landlords and tenants if the lease agreement is ambiguous with reference to the original condition of the property and whose responsibility it is if damage has been done.

Our small business lawyers team in Chatswood aim to resolve the dispute promptly, with the best possible commercial and economical outcome for you. 

TY Lawyers are expert property lawyers and provide small business legal advice in Chatswood.

Please get in contact if you require our advice or services, we’re more than happy to assist you.

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