Building and Construction Disputes

Building and Construction Disputes

Building and construction disputes can occur between individual people and building companies for various reasons.

Disputes can also arise with building and construction projects between one business to another whilst completing the jobs required for the new build or renovation.

More often than not, these issues can be resolved through good communication and understanding the terms and conditions of any business/contractual agreement.

Just one of the reasons why it’s important to have a contractual agreement for any works being undertaken!

Finding A Resolution With Property Lawyers in Chatswood

On the off chance that a resolution cannot be found with a building dispute, a good commercial or property lawyer in Chatswood, such as TY Lawyers, can assist with the dispute and helping to come to a mutual agreement and overall resolution.

A well versed property lawyer in Chatswood understands the legal nuances associated with property developments and renovations.

Ideally our team wants to avoid stepping in as litigation lawyers in Chatswood, but we have the capacity to do so if required. TY Lawyer’s goal is to come to a resolution as fast as possible and to avoid expensive court costs.

Our commercial and property lawyers team in Chatswood have extended legal knowledge to also represent investors and developers in a wide range of legal works including:

  • rural land acquisition
  • development approvals
  • acquisition on development sites
  • negotiation and advice on construction loan
  • business restructure advice
  • debt restructuring strategies adviser
  • presale of mix-used residential and commercial projects
  • negotiation of presale rescissions and project on sale

So let’s discuss some of the common building and construction disputes.

Common Building and Construction Disputes

Here are some examples of some common building and construction disputes that our commercial and property lawyers in Chatswood can assist with:

  • Defective or faulty work; or issues with the quality or workmanship of the completed works

As a home owner, you want to deal with professional and reliable companies who deliver the product and service they promise.

It’s not only disappointing when the workmanship is faulty or defective upon completion; it’s also a huge waste of time given that the faulty work then will need to be fixed.

Homeowners can always do their due diligence and check a business and their reviews online prior to going ahead with a job, to ensure they’re not dealing with cowboy or shonky business operators.

  • Slow Progress or Delays in completing the work

No one wants to wait long periods of time to have a job completed – it slows the whole development and renovation process down and ends up irritating the people managing the project or the home owner.

If you can’t get a contractor to complete a job, you may need to engage the services of a property lawyer in Chatswood, like TY Lawyers.

  • Payment issues on the work completed, from one of the contractors or builders – non payment or delayed payment

Good business practice involves paying your bills on time. If you’re a business, it also helps you to have a good, reputable name within the industry.

When it comes to building and construction disputes, there can also be other factors like personality clashes, which also don’t help when there is a dispute - it only adds to the stress and tension.

Our legal team can partner with you and mediate if required - if you’re facing a building or construction dispute.

TY Lawyers are specialist litigation lawyers, property lawyers and commercial lawyers in Chatswood.

TY Lawyers has an excellent background in resolving building and construction disputes. We understand that it is important for both parties to resolve disputes with as little external involvement as possible as quickly as possible, as everyone doesn’t always see eye to eye in certain matters.

Our property lawyers in Chatswood provide a safe, neutral open space for all parties to discuss disputes and issues.

You can also have peace of mind knowing that concerns will be addressed and action will be taken to achieve a resolution.

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