The Digital Data Age For Business

The Digital Data Age For Business

Although the digital age has absolutely transformed the business landscape and the opportunities it presents, what about the negative aspects of digital business practices?

Things like data leaks and compromised privacy are real fears of consumers in a digital economy.

Businesses can find themselves in hot water if they are caught breaching privacy laws and may require a lawyer in Chatswood.

Yes, digital functionality can make things quick and easy (when it all works!), however the concerns can stem from regulatory concerns on how your personal data is collected, governed and managed by businesses.

Consumer privacy continues to remain a big concern as we head further into the digital age in 2022. A small business lawyer, like TY Lawyers in Chatswood may need to assist your company on navigating this new way forward and what it means for your business.

Data Privacy & Data Collection

In general, people have a growing concern about their data privacy and data collection, not to mention the concern around what’s actually being done with their data.

Selling off contact lists with private personal information and contact information is a serious threat for personal identification. Hacks and online scams also are a cause for concern.

We’ve all had the odd phone call here and there from some unknown company trying to sell us something, leaving people wondering where their contact details were taken from.

The Australian Privacy Act 1988 exists to promote and protect the privacy of individuals and to regulate how organizations handle personal information.

This traditionally has been reserved for larger organizations, however there is a growing need for this to extend to all businesses dealing with consumers’ private data.

That along with the Consumer Data Right which began in 2020 in the banking sector, is now extending beyond this industry to others, leading to a new way for businesses and consumers and how they use data.

You may need to engage a commercial lawyer in Chatswood, like TY Lawyers for further assistance.

The Trust Factor

It’s become the norm to type in our credit card details online for a purchase, but some people still have concern over the security and privacy of shopping this way.

Many people have ended up in a situation where their credit card number has been taken or skimmed and used for unauthorized purchases, leaving these people with the headache of cancelling the card, getting a new card reissued, not being able to use it in the interim and also checking all recurring payments are set up with the new credit card number.

The customer will also need to ensure that their stolen credit will be reinstated by the financial institution and provide any paperwork if necessary.

This ultimately leaves credit card customers with all the risk when completing online purchases.

If you’re a business, consider engaging commercial lawyer in Chatswood to ensure your business practices are all aligned with the relevant consumer and privacy laws.

Use of Facial Recognition on Unsuspecting Customers

Businesses are moving toward recording every single thing that goes on in their premises, all in the name of security.

Whilst yes, it is important if something illegal, like a theft occurs – in this case the footage could prove imperative in tracking down the identity of the thief and holding them to account.

However it should be clearly communicated to unsuspecting customers if they are going to be filmed upon entry to a store or at the point of purchase.

The use of facial recognition technology takes this concern to the next level – as this technology becomes more readily available, do customers know they are being tracked with facial recognition technology in your store?

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