Do I Need A JP Or A Notary Public?

Do I Need A JP Or A Notary Public?

Most of us have been in the position at one time or another through our lives where we needed important documents authenticated.

Sometimes this authentication process needs to be done by a Justice of the Peace (JP), and other times it will need to be done by a notary public, like TY Lawyers in Chatswood.

You might have a formal education qualification certificate, a business contract or forms of personal ID that have been photocopied that need to be witnessed, signed, verified and/or certified.

Depending on what you’re using the documents for will help ascertain if you need a JP or a notary public.

So how do you know when you need a JP and when you need a notary public and what’s the main difference?

Let’s take a quick look.

Notary Public

The main important thing to point out is, if the document you need authenticated is for use abroad, then you will require a notary public, like TY Lawyers in Chatswood.

Only a notary public has the authority to handle documents intended for international use.

A notary public in Chatswood needs a minimum of 5 years experience as a lawyer.

The notary public team at TY Lawyers have years of experience with documents for use overseas. This includes understanding specific requirements in different countries around the world.

Our team of lawyers are bilingual, catering to clients of all backgrounds and nationalities. Our lawyers speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin. If you need a Chinese lawyer in Chatswood for your notary requirements, make an appointment with one of our notaries at TY Lawyers.

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Justice of the Peace

On the other hand, a JP can authenticate documents intended for use within Australia.

A JP can assist you with things like verifying and witnessing:

  • statutory declarations
  • an affidavit (a written statement used for court proceedings)
  • signatures

A JP also certifies copies of original documents, predominantly personal identification.

More recently, the NSW government has now allowed NSW based JP’s to witness the execution of documents to be used interstate.

If you’re in NSW, you can find a JP online by searching through the JP Public Register. JP’s are volunteer roles nominated by the Governor of NSW that provide services to communities and places of employment.

Importance of JP’s and Notary Public Roles

The main reason for a notary public or JP is to prevent fraud and protect people and their identities and belongings.

Both are very important roles in the domestic and international community.

International Documents in Foreign Languages

When considering notarisation of international documents in foreign languages, the person signing the document in the foreign language needs to fully understand the meaning of everything within the document and agree to it first prior to proceeding.

Also, if the notary cannot understand the foreign language of the document, an English translation will usually need to be provided.

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