Home Buyers Needing A Property Lawyer

Home Buyers Needing A Property Lawyer

Need a property or conveyancing lawyer in Chatswood?

With winter almost over, the spring real estate spike is just around the corner.

If you’re looking to make a purchase in the residential real estate market, you can’t forget that all important advisory role you’ll need to fill – a property lawyer in Chatswood.

Your property or conveyancing lawyer is employed by you to advise on a number of matters throughout the purchase and sale transaction.

The Role Of A Residential Property Lawyer In Chatswood

In a nutshell, a residential property lawyer will help their clients understand and manage their rights and responsibilities when becoming an owner.

Some of the key tasks this could include are:

  • Drawing up contracts for the sale of land or a property
  • Preparing title reports
  • Writing leases
  • Collating key documentation to assist with completion of the transaction
  • Exchanging sale contracts
  • Assisting with due diligence in respect to a property, for example, checking the title is clear of caveats, covenants and easements
  • Disputes

Property lawyers also specialise in commercial real estate transactions.

The Role Of A Commercial Property Lawyer In Chatswood

When considering commercial property purchases, a property or conveyancing lawyer in Chatswood like TY Lawyers advises their clients on matters relating to the commercial property or land, for example:

  • Estate management
  • Acquisitions and disposals
  • Leasing
  • Commercial development
  • Disputes

A conveyancing solicitor, property lawyer or conveyancing lawyer has the additional knowledge, experience and legal expertise to deal with a larger range of property related tasks in comparison to a conveyancer who only deals strictly with conveyancing tasks.

Federal Government Schemes

Recently the federal government announced the access to a range of new and rebranded government schemes designed to assist people buying a home.

If you’re in the market, consider looking into these government schemes and check whether you qualify – you could save yourself some money on the purchase. Your property lawyer or conveyancing solicitor in Chatswood can advise you further also:

  • Home Guarantee Scheme

Available from July 2022, there are two different options under this scheme which will allow buyers to purchase a home with as little as 2% or 5% deposit. There is eligibility criteria which you will need to meet to qualify.

  • Regional First Home Buyer Support Scheme

Available from January 2023, this scheme will allow first home buyers to purchase a regional property with as little as 5% deposit and avoid lenders mortgage insurance. Again, there is specific eligibility criteria you need to meet.

  • Help To Buy Scheme

From July 2022, the Labor government will be available for low income earners to assist with purchasing their first home. It’s a shared equity scheme whereby the government contributes 40% of the price of a new jome or 30% of the price of an existing home, with buyers only requiring 2% deposit and not having to pay lenders mortgage insurance. You need to do your own research to ascertain whether you qualify for this scheme.

TY Lawyers have extensive experience in property law in Chatswood. Please get in contact if you require the services of a conveyancing solicitor or property lawyer with your upcoming purchase!

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