Commercial Litigation Services

Commercial Litigation Services

Commercial or corporate litigation legal services exist to help assist with resolving business disputes through dispute resolution or the court system.

Sometimes problems arise in business dealings and coming to a mutually agreeable solution doesn’t always occur.

Although it’s generally reserved as a ‘last case scenario’ option, at some stage in the future you may need to engage a litigation lawyer in Chatswood.

TY Lawyers are small business lawyers in Chatswood, specializing in litigation matters - providing commercial litigation services to Chatswood and Sydney locals and beyond.

If you have a litigation case, TY Lawyers will be there to assist you from the pre-trial stage through to settlements and, if necessary, appeal. 

Contact our team at TY Lawyers Chatswood to discuss your business or commercial litigation matter, on (02) 8007 0135 or at

Some of the litigation suits we specialize in include:

Commercial and Business Litigation

A commercial dispute could include anything two or more parties in an agreement or contract don’t agree upon.

Conflicts could arise over things like:

  • Property
  • Finances
  • Unfair competition
  • Sale of goods disputes, including quality control and consistency issues
  • Partnership or shareholder disputes
  • Consumer protection
  • Service quality or negligent care or skill when providing service
  • Employment

Debt Recovery

Contracts between two or more parties should outline terms and conditions of payment for goods and services, however sometimes these rules are not followed, and that’s where debt recovery measures can come into play, if one party does not hold up their side of the contract.

Building and Property Disputes

A property dispute involves any conflict relating to a property related transaction. It could be a residential, industrial or commercial property in question.

With relation to a building dispute, this is when someone in a building or construction contract fails to comply with their obligations according to a contract.

For example, a builder might not be able to complete a residential construction or renovation project he has started with a homeowner. If there’s a contract between the two parties, a building dispute could go to litigation.

Litigation cases can also arise with commercial leasing disputes. TY Lawyers are commercial lease lawyers in Chatswood.

Intellectual Property Disputes

You can have a patent on a product, specific documented knowledge or have developed a new product, service, process or idea.

Having IP rights on your idea gives you time to work further on bringing your idea to fruition in the market.

Breach of Contract

This is when one party in a contract fails to perform their obligations according to the contract.

Breach of Copyright

Breach of copyright can occur when someone’s work is copied. If someone has copyright protection on their work and it’s is used somewhere without their permission, it’s a breach of copyright.

With commercial disputes, if an agreement cannot be reached between two parties, alternative dispute resolution methods include negotiation, mediation or commissions of inquiry.

Our litigators have extensive experience and are expert small business lawyers in Chatswood.

Ivan Hung, TY Lawyer’s Director, has led a debt recovery team and acted for one of Australia’s leading insurance companies, shipping companies, and various small to medium enterprises in debt recovery and litigious matters.

You can count on Ivan’s sound legal advice, and practical solutions to your litigation matter. 

Our goal is to keep you updated and informed throughout the entire process.

If you find your business in a dispute or facing litigation, you can count on our experienced team to assist. TY Lawyer are your commercial litigation specialists.

Speak to one of our friendly staff on: (02) 8007 0135.

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