Cases A Litigation Lawyer Would Work On

Cases A Litigation Lawyer Would Work On

Disputes can occur at any time and can require the services of a litigation lawyer in Chatswood.

TY Lawyers have a depth of experience in dispute resolution. When considering options in your litigation case, our litigators take a pragmatic approach and will include you in every step of the way.

Our litigation lawyers take the time to understand your business needs beyond your legal requirements, and are known for their outstanding small business legal advice in Chatswood.

The goal when dealing with a litigation case is to reach commercially minded and practical solutions.  

Litigation Cases Examples You Could Encounter

Your litigation lawyer will represent and protect your interests if there’s a dispute.

Some of the following are examples of what could a litigation case could be based on:

  • Unfair Competition
  • Finances
  • Negligence or Quality Issues
  • Building or Property Disputes
  • Commercial Contracts and disagreements
  • Consumer Protection
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Breaches of Copyright and Trademark
  • Employment Disputes
  • Estate Disputes
  • Sale of goods disputes, including quality control and consistency issues
  • Partnership or shareholder Disputes
  • Debt Recovery 

How A Litigation Lawyer in Chatswood Can Help You

A litigation lawyer, like TY Lawyers in Chatswood will look at the problem and investigate the underlying cause of the legal matter. When a full understanding of the background and dispute is achieved, the litigation lawyer will be able to offer you potential solutions and small business legal advice in Chatswood.

Litigation often will commence only if other forms of dispute resolution have failed or drawn no conclusion.

When litigation is the best option, our litigation lawyers aim to resolve the dispute promptly, with the best possible commercial and economical outcome for you. 

Do You Need To Go To Court?

Generally going to court for a dispute resolution is a last case scenario.

Not only can it be expensive, it’s usually unnecessary.

Most commercial disputes can be resolved via other methods of intervention, communication and negotiation, in conjunction with your litigation lawyer in Chatswood.

When someone commences proceedings, it can sometimes be all that’s required to motivate the other party to act.

During these other intervention steps, each party has to seriously consider their stance on the matter being disputed and assess their overall position – are they in a strong position to win? Are the arguments factual or based on emotion?

When thinking about the case and their overall position, it can naturally end up leading to a compromise.

Another preference for settling prior to court is that a known compromised and agreed upon decision can sometimes be easier to digest than risking a Judge ruling in an uncertain way.

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