Property Issues - Storm Water Easement

Property Issues - Storm Water Easement

Have you ever had a concern around storm water drainage or flood runoff from a neighbouring property?

If the issue hasn’t been addressed and resolved between neighbours, it could become a property dispute, requiring further assistance from the council or a property lawyer, like TY Lawyers in Chatswood.

The first half of this year the whole of the east coast of Australia has seen unbelievable amounts of rain – the flooding has been catastrophic to some towns, cities and regions.  

There are many reasons to consider storm water drainage or flood run off when it comes to property matters:

  • Your home is downhill from neighbours and you need better drainage with the increase of heavy rain
  • Renovations to a neighbouring property have caused increased flood run off during heavy rain
  • Water runoff in your property is unsatisfactory due to a close new building or property development
  • You’re building a new duplex site and want to ensure there is appropriate storm water drainage for both homes

When it comes to any concerns or issues arising from water runoff, flooding or storm water easements, the right legal advice from a property lawyer in Chatswood could help you quickly find a resolution or agreement.

Storm Water Or Flooding Runoff

Generally it’s the responsibility of property owners themselves to address their own water needs. 

This means that you as a property owner need to maintain storm water pipes, gutters, downpipes other components of your drainage system related to your house or any other structure on the premises boundary. 

The correct storm water solutions can help prevent damage to your property.

No one wants puddles or surface flooding around your home!

When it comes to neighbourly disputes around storm water drainage systems or flooding issues, a property lawyer in Chatswood could assist in coming to an agreeable outcome and providing you with legal advice pertaining to the matter, and the steps you can take.

Stormwater Easement Agreements

Sometimes when planning water drainage for new developments, it could become apparent that in order to effectively move any storm water, a tunnel underneath adjoining properties may need to be constructed and connected to the storm water mainline.

This would obviously require approval from the other owner.

If the other owners consent to this, a storm water easement agreement can be written by a property lawyer in Chatswood, to outline the rights and responsibilities of both owners under the agreement.

TY Lawyers are specialist conveyancing solicitors and property lawyers in Chatswood and can assist with drafting a storm water easement agreement for you.

Simply get in touch with one of our friendly team on 02 8007 0135.

Stormwater Easement Disputes

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid disagreements or disputes, especially if one party clearly does the wrong thing.

Things like damage to the property whilst the work is being done or trespassing outside of agreed hours could be the basis of a dispute.

In the event of a dispute, you can contact your local council to advise them of what’s happened and get some assistance. Council have the power to direct a property owner to take action. If you’re looking to escalate the matter further, get in touch with a property lawyer in Chatswood.

TY Lawyers are expert property lawyers and conveyancing solicitors in Chatswood and can help you with obtaining easement agreements or advising you on easement disputes.

Please get in contact if you require our advice or services, we’re more than happy to assist you.

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