Property Dispute Examples With Family and Neighbours

Property Dispute Examples With Family and Neighbours

The right legal advice from a property lawyer in Chatswood could help you quickly resolve a common property dispute.

Last week we read a little about some of the common property dispute examples and how a property lawyer could assist you with one, if it arose.

To expand a little further on the topic, we’re going to discuss some further everyday type scenarios that someone could face with their family or neighbour. These are examples that most people would be able to identify and relate to.

Before we get started, it’s important to note that property disputes can involve any type of real estate or property along with involving various types of people:

  • Neighbours
  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • Homeowners
  • Family members
  • Strata companies
  • Building companies
  • Visitors to the property

Neighbourly Disputes

We all want to try and live as harmoniously as possible but given the many different viewpoints on the world and various kinds of values people hold, it’s very difficult to achieve this type of harmony with absolutely everyone.

Unfortunately, sometimes neighbourly disagreements can spiral out of control.

We’ve all seen an episode of ‘A Current Affair’ of an evening where we seen some type of neighbourhood dispute and the respective behavior between the neighbours and wondered ‘how did it get this bad?’… but it can, and sometimes – it does.

Some of the examples of neighbourly disputes that could require mediation from a property lawyer in Chatswood could include things like:

  • Fence/boundary issues
  • Trees overhanging or unsafe tree branches
  • Rubbish management
  • Pets and associated noise/disturbances
  • Children and their behavior
  • Noise
  • Suspected criminal behavior
  • Privacy issues
  • Renovations/building
  • Parking and access to the property type issues

If neighbourhood disputes are not dealt with, there is the potential for harassment and abuse. Neighbours may choose to take things into their own hands, which is not what anyone wants.

Avoid things getting out of hand by getting some advice from a property lawyer, like TY Lawyers in Chatswood.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

As also discussed last week, a property lawyer in Chatswood could help with the following disputes between a landlord and tenant:

  • Assisting landlords with any tenancy related dispute, including payment of rent or damage to the property
  • Tenant assistance if they believe their landlord has unfairly terminated their lease

Family Member Property Disputes

Although it’s not ideal, sometimes we need external assistance navigating through family member property disputes. Some of types of disputes could include:

  • When a couple separates or divorces there needs to be an agreement on the family home and division of property assets
  • Estate disputes - when there is an inherited property or properties and beneficiaries do not agree on the division amount
  • Problems with property purchased together with a relative
  • Problems with joint tenancy ownership within a family

Next week we’ll talk further about the other kinds of property disputes that occur on a more commercial level – those between individual people and businesses, like strata or building companies.

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