Why Hire a Conveyancing Property Lawyer?


Congratulations on purchasing your new home! After spending countless weekends going to open houses and participating in auctions, you’ve made the successful bid and settlement can begin.

Whether your first home purchase or your fifth, one of the final steps in owning your home is the conveyancing stage, a consideration during this time is what kind of professional assistance you require. There are inspections, administrative tasks, necessary legal documents, transfer of funds and other post-settlement proceedings that awaits you. One minor mishap during this time may cost you time and money—a good team by your side who is committed to guiding you through the entire process.

What does a conveyancer do?

Both conveyancer and a conveyancing lawyer are licensed professionals specialising in property transfers. They can assist with:

  • legal documentation, including transfer documents and the contract of sale
  • liaise with banks, vendors and agents on your behalf
  • organise necessary inspections of the property
  • guide with stamp duty concessions and government grants

When hiring a conveyancer, ensure they are fully qualified by checking that thay are registered and licenced with the Australian Institute of Conveyancers.

Advantages of hiring a Property Lawyer

Many people do not foresee complications during their settlement process. It is a time of great excitement and joy, after all. More often than not, a home is the most significant financial investment you’ll make. A trained legal professional can give you peace of mind with:

  • Scrutinising extensive legal paperwork
  • Negotiating terms to ensure your interests are protected
  • Review the special conditions that operate alongside general conditions in the contract (often favouring the vendor)
  • Taking care of lodgements to avoid mistakes that may lead to fines or legal complications
  • Minimise legal costs, including if you need to reschedule your settlement

Although a conveyancing solicitor and a conveyancer play a similar role in the settlement process, a solicitor has a broader knowledge of the law and could advise on issues outside of a typical conveyancing transaction, including any tax implications. Not all transactions run smoothly, and some can be complex. Property lawyers are equipped to handle legal matters that pose more risks that a conveyancer might not have extensive knowledge of.

By hiring a property lawyer for your conveyance, you can rest assured that your rights are best represented in the contract of sale.  Engaging with our property lawyers is a cost-effective investment manoeuvring you away from any legal pitfalls.


The team at TY Lawyers are here to join you in the excitement of buying your new home. We will protect your legal interests, guide you through the settlement process and alleviate any worries of the conveyancing experience so that you can maintain the thrilling anticipation of homeownership.


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