*Property Purchasers* Avoid Unnecessary Expenses & Taxes – Client Examples

*Property Purchasers* Avoid Unnecessary Expenses & Taxes – Client Examples

Last week we learnt about the importance of a contract of sale, what’s supposed to be included in it and what things can be negotiated on it with reference to the purchasing of property in NSW.

We also leant what happens on settlement day and what your property or conveyancing lawyer in Chatswood, does to streamline your property purchase and protect your interests along the journey.

Your property or conveyancing lawyer in Chatswood is there for YOU. Not the seller, not the real estate agent, not anyone else, but you alone.

Aside from reviewing the contract of sale inclusions, one of the key reasons of having a property or conveyancing solicitor in Chatswood to assist you with your property purchase, is to ensure you don’t pay unnecessary expenses and taxes.

How, you might say?

An untrained eye won’t know what to look for in a contract of sale and could therefore be caught out paying expenses and taxes that should be paid for by the other party.

Acting For The Purchaser - Client Examples

TY Property and Conveyancing Lawyers Chatswood have had hundreds of property cases over the years, acting for purchasers reviewing their sales contract prior to the client signing it.

In one case, they received the Contract from the vendor’s solicitor and the ‘Standard Terms’ had been amended with ‘Special Terms’ requiring the purchaser to pay $30,000 land tax.

Another client purchasing property was required to adjust Special Levy before the Contract exchange date.

In both cases, the special land tax and special levy were not supposed to be paid by the purchasers.

Unfortunately, if the purchaser signed the Contract without paying attention to these special clauses, they will face lot of unnecessary expenses.

As a general rule of thumb, most conveyancing and property lawyers choose to amend the standard terms in the Contract to suit their particular client’s needs.

That being said, if a purchaser has employed an experienced property lawyer, like TY Lawyers Chatswood, then an inclusion like this can be easily identified and corrected.

Resulting in the purchasing client not paying these additional expenses or taxes that they shouldn’t have been paying anyway!

That’s why it’s important to have an experienced and professional property or conveyancing lawyer in Chatswood ready to assist if you’re planning to buy or sell real estate.

How Property Lawyers In Chatswood Can Assist You If You’re Selling…

A property lawyer in Chatswood assists sellers with drafting and preparing the contract of sale for their clients.

It is the seller’s responsibility to have the contract of sale prepared and ready to go, prior to selling or listing their house for sale.

How Property Lawyers In Chatswood Can Assist You If You’re Buying..

A property lawyer in Chatswood assists buyers by reviewing a property contract of sale, providing feedback and advice for their clients before they proceed with the purchase, keeping their best interests in mind.

So when it comes to understanding how to navigate through the sale or purchase of a property – it can get quite complicated, especially if you’ve never had to do it before.

If you’re like further information with relation to a reliable and experienced property or conveyancing lawyer in Chatswood or you’d like an instant a conveyancing quote or even just some general advice, get in touch with our team of lawyers in Chatswood.

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