Buying, Selling And Leasing – How Our Conveyancing Solicitors Can Assist You

Buying, Selling And Leasing – How Our Conveyancing Solicitors Can Assist You

Buying, leasing or selling a property can be a stressful time.

Whether it’s buying or leasing, you want to make sure you’ve chosen the right property. It could be for your business or it could be for you to live in.

When you do find that property you’d like to secure, it’s important to have a good property lawyer team in Chatswood to complete the legal side for you. You don’t need that extra head ache!

If you’re selling, you want to make sure you get the price you deserve and have a good, trustworthy conveyancing solicitor in Chatswood, so you can protect your interests and get sound legal advice in order to make good decisions.

So let’s take a look at some of the duties and tasks TY Lawyers can assist with in buying, selling and leasing property.

Buying - Tasks and Duties

As conveyancing solicitors in Chatswood, there is quite a bit of paperwork to ensure the real estate transaction is legal and complete.

When purchasing property, the main parts of a conveyancing solicitor’s role in Chatswood, includes managing the following:

  • Reviewing the legal documents/contracts
  • Providing legal advice to the client
  • Facilitating and helping organise the settlement
  • Can advise you on any fees that may be payable on the sale 

Selling – Tasks and Duties

When you’re selling a property you will need your conveyancing solicitor in Chatswood to complete the following tasks:

  • Preparing the Contract of Sale
  • Document and formally prepare any special conditions pertaining to your sale
  • Coordinating a settlement time/date in conjunction with the buyer’s conveyancing solicitor 

Leasing – Tasks and Duties

If you’re either a lessee or lessor, your property lawyer in Chatswood will assist you with the following, when leasing out a property:

  • Reviewing the lease contract and advising you of anything notable or unusual
  • Negotiating terms on the contract for your best advantage
  • Help you to understand your rights as a lessor or lessee

When setting up a lease or signing a lease contract, you want to make sure you completely understand all the terms and conditions to ensure there’s no surprises.

Covering All Aspects

There is a lot to do when planning to buy, lease or sell a property and you want to make sure you are legally covered when completing any sale, lease contract or purchase.

That’s where your conveyancing solicitor or property lawyer in Chatswood comes in – get assistance, guidance, advice and help along the way to ensure everything is done right and have peace of mind.

A conveyancing solicitor in Chatswood is someone who can help you navigate through the legalities and paperwork when you’ve got your finances in order and have found a property that you’re serious about proceeding with when buying or selling.

TY Lawyers can assist you with all your property, leasing and conveyancing requirements.

Our team will be with you every step of the way.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and one of our experienced property lawyers or conveyancing solicitors in Chatswood will be able to assist you.

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