Common Types of Business Lawsuits – Part 2

Common Types of Business Lawsuits – Part 2

Last week we discussed some of the common types of commercial lawsuits you may encounter as a business owner.

Even if you do act ethically, it doesn’t mean you’ll avoid all lawsuits, as you could be the one who needs to file one against another business for something they’ve done or how they’ve acted within a commercial environment.

If you find yourself dealing with a commercial lawsuit, get in touch with an experienced commercial lawyer or litigation lawyer in Chatswood to assist you in dealing with the case.

In addition to the reasons for commercial lawsuits outlined last week, here are some further types of commercial lawsuits that can arise.

Product Defects Resulting In Harm To The User

Product liability under Australian Consumer Law relates to the compensation a consumer can seek if they have been supplied with a faulty or unsafe product that has resulted in harm, loss or damage.

A consumer could make a compensation claim to your business or the product manufacturer if there are safety defects. If you are the supplying business, be sure to engage in small business legal assistance or advice.

Professional Negligence

If someone engages you or your company for a professional opinion on something you specialize in, if things go wrong with the advice given, the business or person who sought that advice could have a case for compensation.

A claim may include any past and future financial loss caused as a result, expenses to fix any problems associated, any legal or medical costs, and any professional fees paid.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, a commercial law firm like TY Lawyers offers small business legal advice to help you navigate through.

Automobile Company Car Accidents

Whilst company cars are a great added benefit for employees to undertake their roles, as a business owner, you need to know your responsibilities and obligations around providing employee company cars. You should also have clear expectations on employee usage whilst driving a company car.

Employers have an expectation to maintain the registration, insurance and servicing of the said company vehicle.

If an accident occurs injuring the employee and the servicing has not been maintained to a consistent standard, the employer could be held liable for any potential injuries.

On the other hand, employees also need to know their responsibilities and the expectations of driving the vehicle inside and outside work hours, and what the insurance policy covers.

A clear company policy should be created and communicated to any employee receiving a company car.

But what happens if an employee is in an accident whilst driving a company car?

The general rule of thumb is if the employee was following the company’s policy in relation to usage, then any liability will fall on the employer, however the employer’s insurance company will handle any claims.

Slip and Fall Accidents and Other Premises Liability

If a client, customer, employee or visitor has a fall or slips on a business’s public premises, the responsibility and liability falls on the building owner or manager.

If that happens to be you or your business who own or manage the building where the fall or slip occurred, if the person was seriously injured, you could find yourself dealing with a commercial public liability lawsuit. 

If you’re in a situation where you’re company is facing a lawsuit, be on the front foot and be prepared by engaging a commercial, litigation lawyer. Contact TY Lawyers for a confidential discussion about your lawsuit challenges. 

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