Common Types of Business Lawsuits – Part 1

Common Types of Business Lawsuits – Part 1

When conducting business, it’s important to remember to carry out your commercial business dealings in an ethical, fair and legal way.

That way, you can help avoid potential legal pitfalls or commercial lawsuits against your business.

It’s one thing to know that you run your business in an ethical manner to avoid any issues, but what about the flipside?

You could find yourself in a situation where you are the one dealing with another business who hasn’t acted in a moral or ethically sound manner in a commercial business setting. You may need to seek the services of a commercial lawyer in Chatswood or a small business lawyer such as TY Lawyers.

So running a business puts you in a position where one day, you could find yourself requiring some small business legal advice or a small business lawyer to help you navigate through a legal issue.

It helps to be prepared and to know what to be looking for, if something goes wrong in a business relationship.

To help, here are some of the common types of business lawsuits:

Intellectual Property Rights

This relates to your business and its intellectual property such as trademarks, designs, logos, patents and recipes for example.

Intellectual property laws help businesses protect their confidential intellectual property.

A dispute could occur if a business feels their intellectual property has been stolen or copied by another business. A commercial lawyer or commercial law firm can assist.

Contract Disputes

When a contract is set up and agreed upon, the parties within the contract are bound to it and must act according to the contract at all times.

Contracts can cover any type of business dealing and how the business interacts with employees, clients, insurers or landlords to name a few.

Any formal agreement that is made by a business to another person or entity forms a contract. If the terms of the contract are broken, a lawsuit could be filed.

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery speaks for itself – when one party fails to pay for services or goods from another party in the agreed time frame.

A commercial law firm specialising in debt recovery can assist with the steps to take in a case such as this.

Discrimination, Harassment or Bullying

Discrimination, harassment or bullying can be against employees, clients, customers or other stakeholders. It ultimately relates to the way you treat other people interacting with your business.

If certain types of people are treated more or less favorably, it could leave a business open to a commercial lawsuit.

As a business owner, you can implement workplace policies for the business and your employees to follow, so you don’t find yourself or your business acting in a discriminatory manner.

Training staff on harassment and bullying policies is also another factor to consider, so employees know what’s expected of them from the outset.

Failure to eradicate discriminatory or bullying behaviour, could mean you need to engage a commercial law firm or litigation lawyer in Chatswood to help you fight an accusation.

TY Lawyers in Chatswood are very experienced in commercial and litigation law matters, and can advise you on next steps and potential out workings of a commercial lawsuit.

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